In early December, three MN WIFT representatives where able to attend the Women in Film international (WIFTI) summit in Washington DC. I have heard the statistics of being part of a global network of 13,000 women from 5 Continents, but I never truly understood the true power of this until the summit. We meet amazing women from India, The UK, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Sweden, and all over the U.S. We shared information on chapter development, crowdfunding, branding, pitching, transmedia, International co-productions and much, much more. We also started friendships that will last long after we have all gone back to our corners of the world. As a member of MN WIFT you are connected to our local community, but you are also connected to a much larger community and have potential networks and friends all over the globe. I encourage you to go to and check out what you are a part of. I also encourage you to contact local chapters when you are traveling. If you would like more information on the summit or how you can access this global network please speak to Meighan McGurie, Jody Lichtor, or myself. We look forward to sharing our experience with you and all we learned in our events over the coming year.